Bank Holiday Style

It's the first Bank Holiday of three this month, including the Coronation weekend. Whether you're planning BBQs, heading to a street party, going out with friends or just hanging at home, here are some ideas of what to wear for those lovely long weekends....

Ahh Bank Holidays, those most joyous of weekends when normal life can be put on hold for a little longer, there are three days to do What You Want and Sunday becomes the new Saturday. This first Bank Holiday always feels rather symbolic sartorially. Rain or shine (and lets seriously hope it shines), it heralds the start of Late Spring/Early Summer and encourages a seasonal refresh of your wardrobe. Goodbye chunky knits, lots of layers and socks, Hello bare ankles, floaty blouses and gorgeous dresses.

With three glorious long weekends this month, the odds are that we'll get at least one or two sunny ones in the bag. (I know, sunshine. Actual warm sunshine...) so it probably is time to start planning your wardrobe for bank holidays and beyond. 


It won't have escaped your notice that it's the Coronation next weekend, so if you're heading to a street party or even to London, you might want to get into the patriotic spirit with a little red, white or blue. Not just for Coronation weekend, red and blue are perfect colours for spring/summer, when dressing brighter and more colourfully will help put a smile on your face. And white? Everyone needs a white blouse or three...

Olivia dress, Luce top and Fie dress.

Lio top, Jade blouse, Jimena shirt

Layna dress, Tilly top, Sky dress.


Our village is holding a street party as I imagine somewhere close to you might be. The vibe with street parties tends to be low-key, although as lots of people are going and you're bound to bump into glamorous Caroline from number 34, it's 'low-key with a little effort'. Think relaxed dresses with trainers, a beautiful blouse with jeans, a statement tee and trousers...the kind of outfit which looks effortless, but definitely ticks all the style boxes.


Jaipur dress, Paxton blouse, La Boheme tee


Sound the Sausage Klaxon, the forecast is improving and BBQ season is here! There's nothing like a Saturday or Sunday (or even Bank Holiday Monday) afternoon BBQ and if you're heading out or having guests around, you'll want to look and feel good. Whether you're going to a low-key one or the kind of barbie that leaves you with a watermelon cocktail in hand under the stars, choose your favourite outfit and just go for it. Here's some inspiration...

Ursula skirt and Asta top, Paris dress, Cara trousers.

There are lots more great clothes online, do have a look! For inspiration, head to @wardrobe44's instagram or Pinterest.

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