Hello September!

There are two types of September people: those with their eyes glued firmly on the Autumnal horizon and those clinging fervently onto the promise of Summer. The truth is that the month offers a bit of both. Neither is it Autumn nor is it quite Summer, warm enough by day to warrant bare ankles (possibly legs), it's  always cool enough by evening to require a jumper.  

Your wardrobe this month should provide an intro into the joy of Autumnal dressing, whilst keeping the carefree feel of summer. It's the month of pretty dresses and sandals (with a cardi or jacket close by), gorgeous tops worn with jeans (or on a good day, shorts) and beautiful knitwear, which is always such a good buy in the changeable British climate....

Layering is key this month, letting you wear beautiful blouses in a multitude of ways. A pretty top is a wardrobe staple, and a versatile one, especially when worn with a waistcoat or vest, or my favourite, under dungarees.  Trends this autumn include statement collars and sleeves, so keep an eye out for those little touches, which help elevate a simple top into something special.


Dresses are loose and worn with sandals this month, ready to be layered up and twinned with boots or trainers as we head towards October. Easily layered with a cardigan or jumper, these dresses cover more skin than summer ones, but allow you to bare legs for as long as you can.

Oh the knits! I may be a Summer girl, but I do love a knit. From dream cardigans to statement sweaters, September is just the start when it comes to jumpers. As the one item you know you'll be wearing all year, it pays to pay when it comes to knitwear. The trends? Well, Fairisle is always popular, whilst the 90s are calling with slogans and a hit of tie dye...


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