How to dress Tall by Abby Dufficy

It can be hard to know what to wear when you're tall, so I turned to one of the most stylish ladies on Instagram for her advice. Abby Dufficy is 6'1" and the gorgeous founder of @mytall40s. Abby has amazing style and a great eye for an outfit. Do follow her on Instagram - whether you're tall or small, you'll love her.
Abby's tips
My go to pieces and pieces that I would consider to be staples for my wardrobe are;
1. A perfect tailored black trouser. Rise and leg length are super important, as this ensures that perfect fit for your frame.
2. A great jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are stunning on a tall person but sadly, a garment that is quite hard to find in the right proportions. Having one tailormade is a great option though, as it's such a stand out piece to have in your wardrobe. As with the perfect black trouser, it can be dressed up or down.
3. A gorgeous pair of 70s style jeans!  I love a good flare and as a very tall woman, it's a piece we can carry well.
4. A couple of great blazers. It's easier to find blazers with a good length sleeve now, as there are more oversize styles that we can wear to get the length!
5. A great maxi dress is something tall women can carry beautifully and can also be a wonderful standout piece in your wardrobe, to wear with flats/trainers/heels.
I don't have any 'Style Rules', as I've always felt that if you feel great in a piece of clothing then chances are you're going to carry it beautifully and feel confident in it - which is all you need imo!  However, as a very tall women, I've often said that we sometimes just have to wear things differently (long before things were styled like they are today!) For example, we wear a regular length jean as a deliberate crop (back in the day, there were no longer lengths - I would be directed to the men's department!) by turning it up a little, so it's not just flapping around the ankle but made to look on purpose! With blazers, I've always tended to push them up with a hairband, to avoid them showing that they're too short in the arm.  Often these days, women prefer to push their sleeves up when styling their outfits - for us, it was a necessity!! 
My personal style has never really strayed from being very classic. I like to feel fairly effortless in my style.  I've always liked effortless, chic outfits and never anything too fussy. 
(Abby wearing the Ava rollneck in navy)
Keep an eye out next week for 'How to dress Small' by my amazing friend, Books Editor and style maven @natashapoliszczuk.

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