Your December wardrobe.....

Boris has spoken! We are being released on the 3rd December, and whilst we may be nowhere near the free-for-all Festive Season of ye old days, we will be out and about (hurrah!) This is what you're going to need for the coming month (and it being winter), months and months after that.....

Baby, it's Cold Outside

Sports are back on, which means a return to chilly Saturday mornings on the sidelines. Or, if you're not a sport-watcher, meeting up with a friend will probably still only be allowed to happen outside. And, with a cold winter predicted, its time to nail your winter wrapped up look....I'm an old hand at Saturday-sideline dressing and can tell you with some assurance, that you can never be too wrapped up come December. You NEED a hat, a snood or scarf for your neck and cashmere wristies. Not to mention a warm coat, and base layers. Standing still for 90 minutes is COLD. This gorgeous puffa is like wearing a duvet, whilst if you prefer something longer, the stunning navy Christine coat is perfect. Oversized, this is one you can size down into. it looks fantastic on....

Feeling Festive?

So, it's not going to be like normal. But, after a year like this year, I'm going to take every opportunity to dress up this December. We may not be going to parties, but we should be allowed out for lunch with a friend, maybe even out for a drink in a socially-distanced manner. We will DEFINITELY be allowed to dress up dance and have our own Kitchen Disco/Zoom drinks party. So, bring out the sparkle, pull on a beautiful top or dress and get ready to party 2020 style.

Make it a Colourful Christmas

Whether you're planning to go all out with heels and sparkle or wear something a little more low-key for Christmas, make sure you squeeze some colour into your December wardrobe. Colour lifts the spirits, especially on a grey day, and I have some wonderfully colourful knits online, which can't fail but bring joy.

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